Thursday, December 2, 2010

Benny Morris: Palestinians Don't Want Two-State Solution

Bleak House - by Benny Morris: Tablet Magazine

This is Benny Morris at his most candid about Palestinian intentions. He has been distancing himself from the other revisionist historians for some time. If he is so dejected, where do the rest of us Two-Staters go now?

"The first, the one that American and European officials never express and—if impolitely mentioned in their presence—turn away from in distaste, is that Palestinian political elites, of both the so-called “secular” and Islamist varieties, are dead set against partitioning the Land of Israel/Palestine with the Jews. They regard all of Palestine as their patrimony and believe that it will eventually be theirs. History, because of demography and the steady empowerment of the Arab and Islamic worlds and the West’s growing alienation from Israel, and because of Allah’s wishes, is, they believe, on their side. They do not want a permanent two-state solution, with a Palestinian Arab state co-existing alongside a (larger) Jewish state; they will not compromise on this core belief and do not believe, on moral or practical grounds, that they should.

"This basic Palestinian rejectionism, amounting to a Weltanschauung, is routinely ignored or denied by most Western commentators and officials. To grant it means to admit that the Israeli-Arab conflict has no resolution apart from the complete victory of one side or the other (with the corollary of expulsion, or annihilation, by one side of the other)—which leaves leaders like President Barack Obama with nowhere realistic to go with regard to the conflict. Philosophically, acceptance of the rock-like unpliability of this reality is extremely problematic, given the ongoing military and philosophical clash between the West and various forces in the Islamic world. Perhaps the fight between America and its allies and its enemies in the Middle East and South Asia and North Africa and the banlieues of Western Europe will go on and on, until one side is vanquished?"

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  1. As an astute historian (which Benny Morris) is, he should know that the way things look at any given moment, is not permanently etched in stone. We do not know what future leadership or future situations might bring to the area. If the Palestinians were no longer on the dole, and they had to sink or swim on their own, they would be much more willing to make peace, than just sit back and wait.



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