Saturday, November 20, 2010

Who's Who in Israel Delegitimization

I am starting a series of polls in order to understand what my readers think about various issues. This inaugural poll (to your right) asks you to choose whom among a short list of notables has had the most influence on delegitimizing Israel within mainstream public opinion. I picked very well known names that I believe have an international audience, but I know there are others. I would very much like your help in either editing this list or adding to it, so please write your suggestions -- and why -- in the comments section below and I will post a revised version next week.


  1. Carter brings to the table the power of an ex president.


  2. Some beauty contest: a totalitarian fascist, a paid lobbyist, a racist, 2 booksellers, a holocaust denier and a dead guy.

  3. The dead guy is responsible for spreading hatred of Israel through the entire academic establishment.

  4. I agree with anonymous but Said wouldn't have acquired that kind of influence if he had not been endorsed and promoted by Chomskey.


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