Saturday, November 6, 2010

These People are Adults

Thanks to Richard Millet for reminding us how hateful are those who make the cause of Israel's destruction their raison d'etre. Gee, I wish that I still lived in Battersea so that I could have helped to throw useful idiot Martin Linton out of his parliamentary seat.

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  1. Well, I moved away from West London 13 years ago, but yes, I too would have loved to help chuck him out.
    One can be chronologically a human adult, but with the soul and brain of an immature dung beetle ...
    The antisemitism disease is now endemic among MPs and 'Lords' (and 'Peeresses'). If, like the tireless Jonathan Hoffman, you express a word of dissent at a meeting held at tax-payers' expense at the Houses of Parliament, you get thrown out by security.
    That is why I have despaired of this country.


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