Friday, November 19, 2010

Durban 3 in NYC: A Potential Teaching Moment?

UN mulling Durban III event for next

If it were April Fool's Day I might have expected it, but the big joke of the moment is that a resolution drafted by Yemen proposes to "commemorate" the first Durban Conference with "high visibility initiatives" during a 2011 UN General Assembly to be held in New York City. Last time I looked, commemorate meant, "The act of honoring the memory of or serving as a memorial to someone or something." Tis truly a parallel universe when it is thought worthy to commemorate a conference devoted to ending racism by singling out only one country as a racist entity: Israel.

We can all imagine the fireworks such a charade of human rights advocacy will unleash were this idea to be approved and NYC really became the proposed site. I can just hear the demagoguery and hate speech of both right and left -- Pamela Geller times 100 v. Naomi Klein times 100. But, it doesn't seem to me to be a good idea to make the fight only about a proposed US location, which is probably where all the ammunition will get used up. Because, perhaps, given enough time and preparation, intelligent anti-delegitimization initiatives could force a change of agenda. Anti-Durban 2 activism was mainly defensive. What if the next conference, taking place in "Hymie-town", gave us a chance to delegitimize the delegitimizers? 

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  1. Mayor Bloomberg will of course defend it to the death as he hovers overhead in his helicopter. I for one hope it results in horrific riots if only to watch the 'progressives' defend it.


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