Sunday, October 17, 2010

Irony of the Day: Hezbollah's Independence

The Devil is in the Context

It has been a very busy week and today promises to be very busy so I haven't had much time to focus on this blog, but this morning as I read the NY Times, I chanced upon a letter in the book review and post it in full with additional links to more from its author, William O. Beeman, Professor of Anthropology at University of Minnesota. Since most readers will interpret this letter as the reasoned opinion of an expert, I thought it would be important to contextualize it within the Professor's world-view.                                                                
To the Editor:
Joe Klein, in his review of “A Privilege to Die,” by Thanassis Cambanis (“The Hezbollah Project,” Oct. 3), says Mr. Cambanis fails “to put Lebanese Hezbollah in the context of Iran’s larger terrorist network.” However, Mr. Cambanis is correct in his presentation; the idea that Hezbollah today has a place in Iran’s “larger terrorist network” is ill-informed. Hezbollah has not been under Iranian political or military control for nearly a decade. It is now an organization operating on its own recognizance, although it continues to receive a fraction of its operating funds from Iran — much of it in the form of religious charitable contributions from its Shia brethren.

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