Friday, October 8, 2010

Funny, You Don't Look Jewish...

German faked conversion to board ‘Jewish’ Gaza boat
"We want to show that not all Jews support Israel," said Edith Lutz, a German member of the EJJP. "We are calling for a just solution and for an end to the blockade." She may believe what she says, but this lady really can't speak for any Jews, Zionist or anti-Zionist. Apparently, "... many German news organizations have paraded Lutz as a 'prominent' spokesperson for the organization Jews for a Just Peace in the Middle East." And now they're busy wiping eggs off their faces.

While yesterday I posted a preposterous suggestion made by Michelle J. Kinnucan that Jews were taking over spokesmen-ship of the Palestinian solidarity movement, today we have the revelation that Edith Lutz, one of the passengers of last week's Jewish boat to Gaza, is a Christian who faked her conversion to Judaism in order to proclaim her solidarity with Palestinians. Can you beat it? I wonder how many others are out there clamoring to be chosen by The Chosen in order to choose Hamas.

Judging by the Christian symbolism in her portrait, I'm surprised the 'real' Jews on this mission weren't able to pick up on her less-than-kosher credentials. It's possible, of course, that they were unable to fill the boat with the real thing and so had to make do with whichever martyr was available. Note that she decided to join the voyage, "... to help children in Gaza and highlight the core of Jewish religion: love and humanity instead of force and hatred." Seems she brought along three backpacks filled with stuffed toys to bring to those kids. Funny, I thought that Gazan youth were being inculcated in another sort of play altogether.

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