Monday, October 11, 2010

Boosha ve Cherpa*

'Israel should treat its minorities the way we always wanted to be treated'
And that's the least of it. There is so much wrong with the idea of the loyalty oath but number one is its intent: to make non-Jews hyper-aware that they have dhimmi status in Israel. You can have all the dejuris equality you want but this law will make inequality defacto.

As the Likudnick Meridor says, "Lately there has been suggestion, after suggestion, after suggestion meant to send messages to the Arab public - 'this is not yours, this is not your country,' and there are even those who say 'we will soon transfer you to a Palestinian state.' The Arab citizens are constantly reminded that they do not belong, and yet we demand loyalty from them."

And Jeffrey Goldberg in "Thank you, Avigdor Lieberman," quotes Reuven Rivlin , the Likud speaker of the Knesset, as saying, "The establishment of a Jewish state in the Land of Israel was an ethical act that the world recognized, and it gained great respect when we described our country as Jewish and democratic. This description is also anchored specifically in the Declaration of Independence and the Law on Elections, and any additions of this type can only be harmful. "This law will not assist us as a society and a state. On the contrary, it could arm our enemies and opponents in the world in an effort to emphasize the trend for separatism or even racism within Israel."

Rivlin has also said, referring to Lieberman's Israel Beiteinu party, “Certain MKs... create an international image of Israel as an apartheid state.” That a member of Likud can recognize this bill for what it is says to me that this is not a left/right issue, but a racist/anti-racist issue and that Lieberman is playing with fire.

*Def: A shame and a disgrace.

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