Friday, October 1, 2010

The Arafat Revelation

Will Abbas, Too, Order Hamas to Carry Out Terror Strikes?

Israeli bus exploded by suicide bomber

The revelation that Arafat ordered Hamas to carry out terrorist strikes inside of Israel as he walked away from the Camp David negotiations is especially ironic and poignant today as the Palestinian citizens of Israel declared a general strike to commemorate the deaths of 13 youths who were killed at the start of the Second Intifada in 2000. There is no doubt, now, that it was all part of Arafat's plan. 

It had become a by-word of the mainstream media that it was Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount that sparked those months and years of rage. However, the news of Arafat's double dealing adds to the accumulating evidence that not only did he not try to stop the terror attacks (as he was claiming to Western diplomats) he actively promoted them as he "led his people from one disaster to another." 

Recently Abbas stated that if the current peace talk fail, the Palestinians will not resort to violence. "We tried the intifada, and it caused us a lot of damage," he said. Let's hope he means it. In total, the Second Intifada caused the deaths of approximately 5500 Palestinians, over 1100 Israelis and 64 foreigners.

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  1. The al-Dura affair also contributed to the events of 2000, and the instance of Pallywood.


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