Monday, October 4, 2010

All the News that Doesn't Fit

As often happens, this morning I am overwhelmed by the number of news/features/blogposts that revolve around the ME conflict. And that's only counting what I consider stuff worth reading if you care about Israel, willing to acknowledge mistakes it makes but refuse to be party to its delegitimization. Consequently I read with a jaundiced eye anything that claims Israel can do no wrong and, even more so, Israel can do no right. Like I keep saying, it's complicated.

Problem is, if one only reads the mainstream stuff, one misses out on alot of the complications. So, today, I am posting stuff worth reading that you won't find it on the pages of the NYTimes, WaPo, HuffPo, etc. Believe me, this list is only partial -- there's so much out there, but my head is spinning.

Irwin Cotler on the UN Human Rights Council: 
UN poisons its human rights mission | The Australian

If you're thinking that UN troops could act as a decent barrier between Israel and the future state of Palestine, think again. From JPost:
'UN helped Lebanese prisoners slip Israeli custody'

From NowLebanon, one of many recent op-eds/new stories that show how Hezbollah has Lebanon by the short and curlies:
Lebanon news - NOW Lebanon -Apocalypse now? Maybe not

A "Nuff Said" story from YNet (and elsewhere):
Palestinian mental patients get hysterectomies - Israel News, Ynetnews

From Khaled Abu Toameh about Palestinian refugees in Lebanon:
Palestinians in the Arab World: Why the Silence? : Hudson New York

I meant to post this earlier: Michael Weiss in Slate about the spurious connection between Northern Ireland and the ME conflict:
Hamas isn't the IRA, and the Middle East isn't Northern Ireland.

The Guardian on how it was wrong to blame Israel for digging under the Temple Mount. This doesn't go far enough -- the Guardian, among other media-meddlers willingly publish propaganda about Jerusalem to undermine its Jewish legacy:

For the second year, Arab countries refuse to attend EuroMed -- Sarkozy's attempt to foster economic and security cooperation among Mediterranean states -- if Lieberman attends. I ain't no fan, but are you telling me that Lieberman is worse than the FMs of  Syria, Egypt and Iran. Hello, is this the parallel universe speaking?
Report: Syria refuses to attend Euromed summit if Lieberman goes - Haaretz

Iranian blogger is jailed following visit to Israel from Point of No Return, a blog dedicated to Jewish refugees from Arab countries.

The peace-loving peace-convoy from Viva Palestina is winding its way through the ME in order to reach Gaza to show its solidarity with Hamas.

And, by the way, another flotilla is assembling courtesy of Turkey's IHH, you know that set of peace-loving activists aboard the Mavi Marmara. They're planning to land around Dec 27th -- could they be planning a little 'Jesus was a Palestinian' sideshow?

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