Sunday, September 5, 2010

We're All Tabloids Now

Why Israelis Don't Care About Peace with Palestinians - TIME

In a dying marketplace, this is how you sell copies.

The gist of the article is that Israelis have it so good (note the photo of those decadent, hookah smoking beachgoers) that they're no longer worrying about peace. And it's true that Israel's economy has done quite well during everyone else's recession -- not that all Israelis have shared in it equally. But, Palestinians have also started to move on a bit, witness the economic boom in the West Bank brought on by the new paradigm presented by Salam Fayaad: build a nation and be ready for peace when it comes. In their own ways, neither side is banking on the success of the peace talks.

Actually, it seems like the Palestinians are willing to suspend hope indefinitely, given their total lack of preparation for conceding the right of return. Check out how a random sample of 1010 responded to a July 2010 Palestinian Center For Public Opinion poll:

- Do you think that the Palestinians must renounce their right of home return, which Israel will never accept, in exchange for having an independent Palestinian state and the conclusion of a peace deal with Israel?

1. Yes, the Palestinians must do that 14.0%
2. No, they shouldn’t do that even if the price would be the non- conclusion of a peace deal with Israel 81.7%
3. I have no opinion 4.3%

- If the Palestinian leadership would waive the right of home return in exchange for a financial compensation, would you accept or refuse that?

1. I would accept that 13.1%
2. I would refuse that 81.8%
3. Don’t know 5.1%

Perhaps next week's Time magazine cover should read, "Why Palestinians are Happy to Remain Stateless Forever".

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