Monday, September 13, 2010

Tomorrow's News Tonight

Globalist - Peace Talks - Roger Cohen - Op-Ed -

I realized a few weeks ago that the global edition of the NY Times runs Roger Cohen's column on Mondays -- without a comments section. Tomorrow is when he goes online in the US edition. His piece is not unlike Time Mag's "Israelis don't care about peace" tripe. He spends hardly a word about how the Palestinians feel about peace except for a throwaway line about the right of return.

Cohen then hands the final word to Saeb Erekat; he of the unblemished integrity: "Mitchell, after 18 months of toil, believes Netanyahu will go the extra mile. I was shown minutes of a meeting this year with Palestinian officials in which Mitchell said: “Benjamin Netanyahu will be thinking about his legacy. My experience in Northern Ireland makes me strong in my belief. Ian Paisley blocked an agreement for decades. He hated Catholics and called the pope the Antichrist in Parliament. At the age of 82 he started thinking about his legacy, made a turn and was a key figure in reaching an agreement in Northern Ireland. To which Saeb Erekat, a leading Palestinian negotiator shot back, “Let’s hope that Netanyahu reaches that conclusion before he reaches 82!” It’s hard to resist Erekat’s cynicism. Peace is tough when politics are dead. Netanyahu is only 60. So kick back, sing the praise of truces — and pass the remote."

So, boys and girls, read the column, prepare your comments, get a good night's sleep and be ready to post them on NYT's website bright and early tomorrow morning. We have to counter this stuff in situ!

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