Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Other Wall

Mr. Abbas, Tear Down This Wall! Jewish Ideas Daily

Great grandchildren of the original refugees of Balata

A great piece from Sol Stern -- he of the Nakba Obsession article I linked to on Sept. 2nd -- as he explicates about the preposterous restrictions besetting Palestinians in refugee camps. He's not talking about how those dastardly Israelis oppress them, he's talking about how they are treated by the PA. Case in point here is the Balata Camp (see my Sept. 6th post about refugee camps) which is just outside the PA's territory but is purposely kept as a miserable hell hole for its inhabitants -- generations on from the original refugees -- in order to, "... nurture the myth that someday soon they will return in triumph to their ancestors' homes by the Mediterranean Sea."

While you're at it, check out Arlene Kushner's scholarly article in Azure about the refugee problem.


If you are not convinced that the refugee/right of return elephant-in-the-room is the most pressing issue requiring serious demystification, then I have a few more articles for you to read in the next few days.

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