Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nine Years Later and Nothing Learned***

Robert Fisk, Britain's pre-eminent Israel hater unleashes his most venomous words for, "The bloodsucking Zionist government regime and the Western leaders who are indifferent [to suffering] and have no conscience are again celebrating the new year by spilling the red blood of the Palestinians." No, those were not his own words but they mirrored his belief that Israel is at the center of all the atrocities carried out since 9/11: "And of course, the one taboo subject of which we must not speak – Israel's relationship with America, and America's unconditional support for Israel's theft of land from Muslim Arabs – also lies at the heart of this terrible crisis in our lives." How disengenuous to claim that bashing Israel is a taboo. Surely, at least in the UK, it's the pro-Israel position that has become taboo. Why this is so requires more than I can give on this day.

While I'm reluctant to link to it, this is where you can read Fisk's article:

*** For a brilliant depiction of the intermingling of the vicious Right and Left over 9/11, please read Ben Cohen's piece:

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