Friday, September 3, 2010

Multiple Choice

Think the settlements are the major impediment to the peace talks? Or the wall? Or the Gaza blockade? Actually, these are all negotiable. There are even solutions to the refugee problem -- within a two state solution, that is. What isn't negotiable is the fact, the reality of Israel. Unfortunately, for a substantial segment of the Palestinian community, that's just not acceptable. In fact, the settlements, the wall, the Gaza blockade and the refugee camps are all good news for the Jihadists. In the parallel universe we're speaking of, what's bad is good. The worse, the better. Hence, 13 Jihadist groups, who would ordinarily be waging war on each other, are joining forces to launch a wave of attacks on Israel and the consequences are very predictable. Israel will have to respond, Gazans will die and the sun will shine again. For Hamas.

Hamas to launch 'more effective attacks' on Israel

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