Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jewish Anti-Zionism is (One) Result of Arrested Development

Jewish anti-Zionism is a special category for me. I've known quite a few of the species in my life. And I'm trying to study the phenomena and will, with hope, come up with some delectable analyses soon. So I do a bit of reading on the subject and every once in a while I like to read the Jewish anti-Zionist blogs. They make me angry, naturally, but they are also strangely reassuring. Take for instance this post in Mondoweiss about Phil Weiss's incredible adventure in Jordan. And read about how gullible he is when discussing the problems of the ME with his Jordanian interlocutors. Read also what he says about the right of return. And about Jews and money. And then wonder, is this the enemy? Really? Surely we can take on an intellect that stopped developing at age 16.

Jordan King Abdullah anti-semitism and Zionism conversation


  1. Don't you just love ad-hominem? You seem to cite your dubious sources so well, so it seems rather out-of-place that you use this post to bash the person.

    Not constantly waving the Blue-and-White? MUST be OTD. Considering the many frum non-Zionists, that's the only explanation.

  2. I love Ad Hominem but love Ad Reinhardt better -- one of my favorite painters. I hear what you're saying but if you read 'the person's' blog you will see that he doesn't just not wave the the blue and white, he waves the Shahadah flag with glee and he's no non-Zionist. He is an anti-Zionist.He is an enthusiastic attacker of Israeli persons. He is a purveyor of and spreader of prejudice and lies.


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