Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Child's Play

AP's caption: Palestinian children, waving green Islamic flags and making a victory sign, participate a rally, to celebrate a militant attack in the southern West Bank, in the Jebaliya Refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip, Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2010. A Palestinian gunman opened fire on an Israeli vehicle traveling in the West Bank on Tuesday, killing four passengers, authorities said, in a deadly attack that cast a long shadow over Mideast peace talks set to start this week (AP Photo/Hatem Moussa)

Now, when NYT published the initial story yesteday, it used the word 'settlers' for the victims in the headline. Looking around at other newspaper websites I found that most of them simply used 'Israelis'. NYT further suggested in the lead paragraph that the victims got their just desserts because they were settlers and, in the Times' view of the world, the settlement issue is the greatest stumbling block to peace. As everyone knows, however, the real reason for yesterday's murder and today's shootings is that Hamas and their friends are simply trying to sabotage the talks starting this week. This was extremely embarrassing for the PA and today they rounded up about 300 potential troublemakers and hauled them off to jail. NYT, of course, failed to publish the photo above because it challenges editors' insistence that Israel carries the entire burden for the success or failure of these talks.

Let's wait and see what happens when Jerusalem and the Right of Return come up for discussion.

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