Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Case in Point: Phillis Chesler

What makes an essentially 'progressive', feminist, intellectual crazy? What happened to this woman to make her turn to Pajamas Media as a venue for her opinions? I'll tell you what: challenging anti-Zionism.

It is very difficult to get a pro-Israel article published in a progressive magazine or website, anywhere. For me it is a very sad story, particularly because 99% of the content on Pajamas Media is very hard for me to take. Has the blogosphere come to this? That being pro-Israel has come to equate with being reactionary?

"If I want to profile the recent and powerful conference on global anti-Semitism at Yale, in which I participated, if I cannot do so in the New York Times, or better yet, in the Times of London, academics will not take a word I write seriously. They will not even bother to read my words."

Read her description of how it happened.

The History and Psychological Roots of Anti-Semitism Among Feminists, Their Gradual Palestinianization and Stalinization [incl. Rashid Khalidi] - Campus Watch

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