Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Welcome to the Peace Process (and my blog)

I've been postponing this day for months. I thought I could just get by with sending selected articles to my dear friends (the vast majority of whom are left-wing and Israel-skeptic) and occasionally posting salient features on my Facebook page.

But it wasn't enough, my peeps weren't paying attention. I had to start blogging.

They were oblivious to the spreading delegitimization and demonization of Israel. They were oblivious to the fact that the Palestinian narrative seemed to be gaining exclusive, uncritical acceptance even in the NY Times. They were particularly oblivious to the fact that the Palestinian establishment (and that includes the PA, Hamas, the BDS movement, the Flotilla movement, etc.) was playing a double game of, on the one hand, begging for peace and the end of occupation, while on the other feeding the delegitimization campaign to isolate Israel to such an extent that it would have no bargaining powers left. Finally, most were oblivious to the anti-Israel dispositions of so-called peace campaigners whom, under the guise of fighting the occupation, are actually challenging the legitimacy of Israel's existence.

So, this is my particular obsession, and I will feed it by posting links and critiques of what I consider to be essential reading drawn from current headlines, what you're missing by relying on the NY Times, essays from the recent past and an occasional wacky piece from long ago.

Today -- just to get comfortable -- we'll start with a piece by Khaled Abu Toameh writing in the Hudson Review (yeah, yeah, I know -- it's a conservative journal). He is one of the very, very few Palestinians who steps out of line and dares to offend the sensibilities of his compatriots:

Direct Talks to Nowhere

(Please bear with me while I try to learn how to publish 'hot' links. Thanks.)

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